I have been in love with your product for about a year now. It helped my skin heal after a chemical burn from another product. I have been using your products ever since! I get complimented on my skin all the time and my acne has ran for the hills!

I recently received my order of lotions and was delighted to find the 3 mini samples of serum, facial masque, and exfoliant in the package! They are so cute! What a treat, thanks so much!

I had a chance to try a mini-facial this past weekend using your products. Normally my skin is so sensitive that there is not much I am able to use but your products are truly amazing. My husband (who also had the facial) loved the masque so much he bought it. (we’ll be fighting over it!)

The Potent Seaweed Serum goes beyond anything else I have ever tried. It feels fresh – not greasy at all – just lovely on my combo- oily (mature, 53 yr old) skin. I have looked at other seaweed skin lines and their seaweed listing is not even near the beginning. Maybe that’s what makes it so special.

I received your travel gift package as a Christmas gift from my grandma and granddad when I came home to visit during the holiday season and it is FABULOUS! I have been using it sparingly so each jar will last longer…I dread the day I run out. Thank you for producing such natural and true-to-nature products that last and address the daily needs of hard working skin. Keep up the hard work!

If you’ve ever wondered about what it would be like to have unblemished and soft, itchless and rashless skin, well, I can tell you it’s like a miracle. And it’s just around the corner for you to try, too. It comes as an odorless, natural, seaweed body ge, easy to apply and inexpensive to obtain. I bought some to take home with me and, lo and behold, after applying it (3-4 times a day) for about two weeks, my eczema began to vanish.

I am 60 years old and have used a multitude of facial cleansers and creams over the years. I recently switched to the Seaflora products and the results on my skin are unbelievable. The occasional skin breakouts that I used to experience are a thing of the past. My skin has never felt so clean nor has the texture ever been so even. I am thrilled with the results I am seeing with this product and highly recommend it.

When my daughter came down with chicken pox I was not prepared. It was too late to go to the Pharmacy so I began to try various remedies in my medicine cabinet. Nothing was working and the itching was getting worse. I decided to try a bit of the Iridaea Masque, just to see and it worked! Relief was immediate. Over the next few weeks I gave out samples to my friends who tried it on their spotted children, it worked every time, relieving the itching and aiding in drying up the spots quickly.

Thank you for the Moisturizer package that arrived today, with three other samples. I am most curious about the Balancing Sea Kelp Concentrate. Cannot wait to get home to try it!

You guys deserve it all and then some! Fabulous company, fabulous people!

Just a little thank you the wonderful staff at Seaflora! First,to Barb always lovely and helpful on the phone. Then to Katie and Linda for packing my order with love and care ! The very best days to all of you

Good morning Barb and the wonderful “packers”! I just rec’d my pkg. via Loomis and wanted to thank you all for the super service and kindness of you, Barb, when I call in! Your knowledge and advice about the products help me tremendously!

Thank you Barb! Although I didn’t receive a phone call today, Purolator did leave a parcel pick up notification and the location is relatively close by, so I should be able to pick it up this weekend. Thank you for your concern. Once again, I am so grateful for your amazing customer service!


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