I learned of Seaflora Skincare at the Vancouver Wellness Show in 2019. It’s rare to find an amazing Canadian skincare brand that cares so much about the environment, and is so transparent of their ingredients. I tried the Holdfast 3-5 day regime, and the Seabright Moisturizer I bought. Never in my life have women given me the ‘Evil Eye’ or seemed jealous of me… until now!! I notice women hating on me lately, and if they aren’t hating on me, they are praising and complimenting my skin!! It’s easy to see what is going on here, my skin is so healthy and glowing, they are literally jealous! So thank you Seaflora, you made me so beautiful I got the evil eye a few times since I started using your products!

There are no word to express how blessed we are to have such great support and acknowledgment from Seaflora. To be able to use your incredible product to help our guest to feel their best is an honour. There are many personalities to work with and challenges at times but we are extremely grateful for your kindness and constant support.  That’s what makes you our #1!!!

The Beauty Chair strives to set a different standard in the beauty industry. We want to create a positive culture within our staff, educate our guests and give them the absolute best results and experience. That starts with you, Seaflora along with our other partnering supplier Redken (hair). You both rise above all our expectations in comparison to any other suppliers and have helped us grow our business by giving us the tools, and the support to kick ass! So the BIG Thank you is to you Chantelle and your Seaflora team for the amazing support and YES we are definitely into working on some marketing projects together! Always!

That CBD Massage Oil, OMG, like Wow! It’s amazing! I rolled my ankle today hiking. I put Sea Silk CBD on it – bam! A few minutes later it didn’t hurt to walk on it. My shoulders and hands haven’t hurt in days… well since I got Sea Silk CBD Massage Oil! #hooked 

I am so happy with my Seaflora products. I can’t thank you enough! The texture of my skin is so smooth and soft and I have much less acne, it’s pretty much gone now!! And the marks are so much less visible because of Seabright! I had a period of breakout about a week into using the products but I am thinking my skin was purging what may have been trapped in my pores. Third week with your line and I’m beyond grateful for such an amazing Canadian company,  making amazing products. Thank you Seaflora!

I just wanted to share some personal experiences with the CBD oil as well as in my practice.

My husband nearly died last summer in a tractor accident – he got mauled by an augur and severed his femoral artery apart from many other injuries. As a medical miracle (he is according to any specialist), he survived cardiac arrest, acute kidney failure and he still has his legs. After months in the hospital, and still doing rehab daily, he is in acute muscle and nerve pain daily (even though he takes a lot of nerve pain medication). He relearned to walk, but has no feeling in most of his left foot and leg.

Now, there is a reason I’m sharing this story. When I read that Seaflora launched the Sea Silk Masssge Oil with CBD, I was hoping this would make a difference in my husbands pain management. And…. it does! It takes the edge off the pain he has daily and is so pleased with the effects. With this story, I am so confident to sell the product in my business as I believe that when it works with his complex injury, it should work for others. I have had several success stories so far from a client with a shoulder injury and a client with stomach pains and stress before sleeping.

So thank you for implementing CBD in your already wonderful products.

Glowing Skin! Two weeks into my new skin care routine, Seaflora Skincare has made my skin bright, healthy and glowing. I can’t stop touching my skin! I know it’s bad to touch it all the time, but I can’t stop, it’s so smooth and soft! I love companies that give a S*#t, what a great company, they took the time to reply in detail about the products I chose… thank you.

Well what service! We had our order in 2 days I think! Wonderful. We have found our account manager Chantelle to be eager, knowledgeable, pro-active and extremely helpful. Having tried the Seaweed Body Gel, we will be adding that to our store soon!  We have had no trouble understanding the product line and selling it (sells itself really).

Thank you for always responding so quickly. I have been using Seaflora products for a few years now and recently started to order directly from you online. I love the line and use many of your products because they are the best! With love, light and gratitude, Mary

Thank you very much for the appreciation gift of Sea Therapy Eye Contour Gel!  Never have I dealt with a company like Seaflora!  So many things I love about Seaflora, from the outstanding products, excellent customer service and being Canadian.  The day after my gift arrived a guy at a mall kiosk stopped me to try his eye serum.   I wouldn’t touch it and told him all about Seaflora.  Perhaps I need my own Seaflora kiosk!

Hello Barb and Seaflora Skincare team! Your beautiful gift of lotion and samples arrived the very day we got back into our home, after three months on the couch at my sister’s house. You cannot imagine the work which has kept us so busy here and distracted me from writing to you immediately. The floors had to be refinished, hundreds of boxes of personal goods and furniture returned after renovations and cleaning, finding where to put everything again, etc etc. It has been a kind of on-going nightmare. We are having a terrible time with the insurance company, not unusual from what I have heard from friends. My broken foot is out of the cast, but I am still limping around, and now we are both in bed with the flu! This has been quite the year for us.

Anyway, laying here in a feverish state today, I finally remembered to write to thank you for this absolutely lovely and kind gift you sent to us of our favourite lotion! We were so taken aback with this beautiful and generous gift, we both actually cried! We really needed something good to happen, and here it is, this random act of kindness from you! We are thrilled with the samples too. Wow, this is so, so generous, I am just so sorry it has taken me this long to write to thank you. You really are special people and we will never forget how good you have been to us all along.

We actually saw your products in a store in Hillside Mall, Sutubra, and made a big fuss about how we LOVE it and how good it is, how nice you are, etc. I have still not got around to trying everything we purchased last time. I keep forgetting to take my glasses with me into the bathroom to read which bottle does what, so I am using the obvious bottles. The little ones are harder to read and so I end up not trying them yet. So far, my favourites are still the ones we bought from you at Saanich Fairgrounds- the seaweed body gel, wild sea kelp body lotion, and the softening facial moisturizer. We also like the scrub and mask. Like I said, I haven’t really tried the others yet. I need time to sit down and maybe mark them with a pen so I’ll know which is for what.

Anyway, please accept my apology for writing to you so late, and also my deepest gratitude for our favourite lotion you sent! Today, while in bed, I should try the eye mask, might be just what I need!

I hope your business is going well and that this email finds you happy and thriving. You certainly are very special people, and we are very glad customers who appreciate you in every way.

Many, many thanks.

Since we began our partnership with Seaflora in 2017 they have consistently amazed me with their willingness to collaborate and provide support for training needs, events, media visits and so much more. We have worked very closely with Seaflora this year to provide an amazing and truly unique west coast experience to many, many, guests which has significantly elevated the profiles of Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Empress and Seaflora. Our west coast experience begins with a visit to Whiffen Spit in Sooke, where our guests were educated about seaweeds by the Seaweed Lady (and Seaflora founder) herself Diane Bernard and her son Adam Butcher.

The Seaflora team provides guests with boots for the beach, walking sticks and many different types of seaweeds to learn about, touch, smell and even taste! Diane and Adam take guests on an adventure through the low tides to learn how to identify different seaweeds, learn how they grow, how they reproduce and how they are harvested by hand. Guests then returned to Willow Stream to experience one of our Signature Seaflora Salish Sea experiences.

We wouldn’t have been able to offer these incredible West Coast experiences without the collaboration of Seaflora and their enthusiasm and advocacy for our oceans. On top of being incredibly supportive with our media guests, they are equally supportive with any and all spa needs. They provide outstanding spa support for training, staff events, new product ideas, new treatment protocols and so much more. They are such a pleasure to work with on top of producing a totally clean, high quality, effective professional thalassotherapy spa line for body and face.

Your product line is very extensive. The seaweed element gives your products a very different feel! I particularly like the exfoliators and
the moisturizers.


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