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Signs of aging: fine lines and wrinklesTexture and feel: Rough to the touch, uncomfortably tight, itchySun Damage: hyperpigmentation, loss of toneDehydration: crepey, fragileRosacea: persistent redness and capillary damageEczema/Psoriasis: dry patches from over production of cellsBreakouts: ongoing or occurring monthlyCongestion: visible blackheads and/or clogged poresUneven tone: hyperpigmentation from sun exposure/acne scarring, dull or sallowOverproduction of Oil: excess shine throughout the dayEye Area: puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, deep expression lines
Teen Years20s30s40s50s60+ and aging gracefully

Temperature change throughout the year will affect skin, as well as humidity or dryness.

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