Marine Ocean Mud

Powerful ocean movements collect mud just off our shore in the intertidal areas, where we recover and gently prepare it.

Our organic, hand-harvested ocean mud is a nature’s perfect sphere, making it the perfect exfoliator for our skin. It also efficiently retains moisture and heat, while favouring the passage of minerals in the body.

We incorporate this wild resource in our facial exfoliators to help cleanse skin, remove dirt, purify, detoxify. It also accelerates and improves circulation to draw out toxins, help in skin cell regeneration to smooth and tighten skin.

In our body products, ocean mud improves circulation, balances body pH levels and reduces inflammatory conditions.

Ocean Water

Physiologically, the ocean contains all the necessary substances for human survival. There is a natural connection between ocean water and human body fluids as is evident in the saltiness of our tears, blood and perspiration.

The similar chemistry between seawater and human blood creates a seamless gateway for detoxification, remineralization, and hydration. Seaflora’s seaweeds are incorporated fresh into the skincare line, where the essence of fresh ocean water is infused into each product.

Pacific Sea Salts

Natural salt is an essential element for the survival of not only humans, but of all animals and even plants. Use of natural salt is as old as human history. It is excellent source of accessory minerals necessary to maintain good health. Other refined salts, (i.e. iodized) contain much less (only 0.1 – 0.5% other elements).