Harvesting Seaweeds

Pacific Northwest rain forestOur pristine coastline is an exotic undulating oceanic garden of seaweeds against the backdrop of the Pacific Northwest rainforest.

In spring, the tidal zone begins to blossom and glow with fresh new seaweeds appearing on the rocky coastline.

During summer months, a lush seaweed bed blankets the intertidal zone, filled with vibrant reds, purples, and greens.

In the fall, the ocean garden is fading, while winter storms kick in the deeper growing kelps.

Between the spring and fall equinox, our local harvesters are in the intertidal zones, hand selecting only the best seaweeds. Each individual seaweed is harvested in a precise method, which ensures that the remaining base of the seaweed continues to grow. This enables the seaweed gardens to flourish for many seasons to come.

We select naturally, organically, and sustainably to gather the healthiest, freshest seaweed for the richest skincare products available to you.