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Chairs by the ocean

Five Ways to Enjoy Ocean Healing This Summer

Ever find yourself surprised at how rapidly time is going by? Well I do too!…

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Drift Spa at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

Drift Spa at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort – Spa Partner Spotlight

Located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Drift Spa offers scenic views of the…

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The Beauty Chair

The Beauty Chair Inc. Spa Partner Spotlight

Our vision here at The Beauty Chair is to rise above and beyond industry standards….

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Seaflora Activists

The Ancient Forest Alliance

5% of all online retail purchases at seafloraskincare.com for the month of May will be…

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Seaweed is bioavailable

Bioavailability and Why It Matters

“CBD has a calming, anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. It was found to reduce free…

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Seaflora CBD Skin Benefits

CBD Skin Benefits? What Fresh Bliss Is This?!

CBD Benefits On The Skin “Immersing yourself in a healthy lifestyle was something that began…

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seabright moisturizer

A Healthy Way to Reduce Melanin: Seabright™ Moisturizer – for hyperpigmentation

Reduce melanin naturally with Seaflora’s scientific discovery in unique kelp bioactives, that treat and prevent…

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Grail Springs Retreat for Wellbeing

Grail Springs Retreat for Wellbeing Spa Partner Spotlight.

Through an integrative approach to healing body, mind, and spirit, Grail Springs Retreat for Wellbeing…

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Susanna Mcwilliams

Autoimmune Disorder Lead Me To My Calling In Life

by: Susanna McWilliams, Holistic Nutritionist and Intuitive Health Coach Autoimmune disorder has been afflicting me…

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seaflora seaweed bath

Beyond the Skin Care Routine Winter Pampering Ideas

When the corn husks thicken and the woodpeckers start sharing the trees, you know it’s…

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Skincare Science

The Science behind Seaflora Skincare Products

Guest Blog Author: Conner Brookes | Chemist in Victoria B.C. About the time I started…

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Iridaea Exfoliator

Organic Ocean Mud Is The Perfect Sphere for Exfoliation

Seaflora incorporates hand-harvested, organic ocean mud as an environmentally safe exfoliation ingredient in several of…

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