The Environment

Here at Seaflora, we are guided by our obligations to protect the marine environment and to harvest our wild seaweeds sustainably.

Seaflora is located on the outer coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., one of the remaining places in the world where the ocean is wild and the coastline is clean. Our pristine coastline is a dramatic, high energy zone, cold, volatile, unpredictable and vulnerable.

The intertidal zone is a barrier between the towering coastal temperate rainforest and the powerful Pacific Ocean. Amidst the chaos, this zone harbours the highest diversity of species and nutrient density. Seaweeds account for this integral source of concentrated lifeforms.

We have the unique opportunity to work exclusively with over 10 different species of seaweed, some of which are endemic to this coastline. There are over 600 different species found in the Pacific Ocean, with more discovered every year. Our harvesting locations are cited as being the most biologically diverse, having the highest quality nutrients, and being sheltered from pollution.

Our coastal marine environment, demands the best of our knowledge and our respect. If we do that, then we all enjoy a healthy, high quality life. Seaflora enables us to work responsibly with our coastal marine environment.

Each year we have our seaweeds and ocean water rigorously tested to ensure the highest quality seaweed skincare in the world. All seaweeds are harvested by hand, sustainably.