Client Support

Seaflora can help you achieve your personal best. In addition to nutritional and authentic seaweed skincare and thalassotherapy experiences, we assist in program designs to reflect all the healing benefits of our ocean seaweed garden. Your clients know they will not receive such treatment anywhere else.

Our commitment to you is thorough and long term. Our thalassotherapy experiences satisfy the most demanding requests from an international female and male public. Throughout the year, we expand with new seaweed therapy products and program protocols to entice your clients to come back again and again to your spa.

We complement our superior quality professional products with a retail line for “at-home programs” that your clients will love. In addition to all this, we have developed an exceptionally high level of training support, so you can expect comprehensive and exciting product and treatment knowledge, sales training and support for your team.

Thank-you for your commitment. We fully appreciate that its individuals like you who are leaders of this life-changing green spa movement. When we work with you, we continue positive changes to meet your needs and to enhance your personal success and that of your business.

We look forward to working with you and if you have any questions, please let us know how we can ‘kelp’.